power of attorney information

power of attorney information

Below is the information required for the GENERAL ATTORNEY ATTORNEY to be issued by a notary public (working days and hours) from anywhere in Turkey. Before going to the notary, be sure to write down this information:
General Power of Attorney
Mersin Bar Association - 3684
T.R. ID 31399798582
İnönü Mah. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Blv. No: 371/1 Pozcu Yenişehir / MERSIN
Note: You MUST have a PHOTO in the power of attorney you will give in order for a lawyer to be able to handle your divorce case / to act on your behalf in the title deed / to act on your behalf from the bank. Therefore, if you are going to issue a power of attorney for such transactions, you must notify this matter to the notary and have at least two photographs with you.
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